CDC’s “Metal-Enclosed Switchgear” is characterized by the following features

1. Assembly of indoor or outdoor equipment which is completely enclosed on all sides and top with sheet metal (except ventilating openings and inspection windows)
2. Assembly includes (but not limited to) one or more of the following categories: switching, interrupting, control instrumentation, metering, protective devices, regulating devices together with their supporting structures, enclosures, conductors, electrical interconnections, and accessories.
Various metal-enclosed assemblies types include:
    Medium voltage interrupter switchgear
  • 4.76kV-38kV maximum voltage
  • 200A-1200A continuous and load-break
  • 40ka & 61kA momentary/fault close (30ka max on 38kV)
    Low voltage power switchgear
  • 600VAC
  • 800A-6000A main bus
  • 800AF, 1600AF, 2000AF, 3200AF, 4000AF, 5000AF breaker ratings
  • 42kA-200kA interrupting